How to buy products

1. Register

        In order to buy you need to register on shoppingwebthailand. It's easy and free! Simply click on the Register link on the homepage and complete the registration form.
        Click here to register.


2. Find products you're looking for

        Click on product which you want to see, you can fill in amount and click button "add to cart" to put product on your shoppingcart


3. Review

        Click "view cart" to go to see your shoppingcart.


        If you aren't login , login page will show up for you to login to system before process your order. You must register with us before order products, we will use your information (email or phone) to contact you back to inform you about summary and total cost of your order. You can register with us now by click here. After registration, We will send confirmation email to you and when you confirm with us then you can use your account to come back to process your shoppingcart again. We will still keep your shoppingcart for you so you don't have to select products again.


        After login, you will see your shoppingcart, you can check and adjust your items and select currency that you would like to see before process next step.

  • Section 1 : you can check shipment cost here
  • Section 2 : You can view how to buy manual or necessary information here
  • Section 3 : You can adjust your order by fill in amount and then click button "Update Quantity & Price"
  • Section 4 : You can clear your order items by click in checkbox and then click button "Delete Select Products"
  • Section 5 : You can change currency to see price in your desire currency by select here
  • Section 6 : After check all your items you can process to next step by click button "Process payment"

4. Select shipment and payment method

        You can select shipment and payment method here. First you have to select your order destination by select "Sending in Thailand " or "Sending outside Thailand" and system will show suitable choices for you to choose.

  • Step 1 : First you have to select your order destination
  • Step 2 : Select shipment method as you wish
  • Step 3 : Select payment method that suitable or more convenient for you
  • Step 4 : After select your shipment and payment method then you can go to next process by click button "Process next"

        In case of you do not select pick up or wait for shop to contact back, you have to fill in your shipment address or you can select the old one that you had fill in and use before from your list.


5. Review summary information and place order

        You can review your order information again last time before place order. If you want to go back to change somethings you can click button "Back" and click button "Process next" to go back here then you can finalize your order by click button "Process order" to send your order to shop.


6. Place order

        After we receive your order, we and shops which you place order will check items and fill in price that missing (some shop want to fill price after order) and adjust price (wholesale price) to match your orders so that you will receive lowest price and prepare for shipment and inform total cost and other detail to you then we will send your order items as soon as posible after we receive your payment.


        We hope you enjoy shopping with us and meet products that you are satisfied. If there are anything we can do for you to help you enjoy seeing and buying online or have some suggestions or want us to contact your desire shops to show in our website so you can see your most wanted product here, please don't hesitate to call or inform us immediately by email to or click here to suggest us now.