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Are there any guarantee for buying on Shoppingwebthailand.com or on shop's website?

All of shops and products that you see on our website are well selected wholesale shops from the most famouse wholesale place in Thailand like "The Platinum Fashion Mall" and "Jatujak(Chatuchak) weekend market", we guarantee that you will receive exactly as you see, choose and pay for. If products that you receive don't match as shown on website, you can get full refund for 100% for that products, we guarantee.

Who is Shopping Web Thailand ?

To know Shopping Web Thailand Click here

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What businesses are on Shopping Web Thailand? Are they trustworthy?

Businesses on Shopping Web Thailand are wholesale companies which distributed products at major wholesale market in Thailand, eg. Platinum, Fashion Mall or Jatujak market. The products are displayed on their webpage which you can order products online. Quotations are wholesale price as appear on webpage. New products are updated every month.

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How to order the products?

You can select many products as you wish from different companies at a time and put them in your shopping cart. Then check your shopping cart, and follow the instructions to order the products. Or you can call the company direct with telephone number on the webpage. Or you can send e-mail to customer@shoppingwebthailand.com

You can see each step of how to buy by Click here

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Why membership?

We would like you to apply for membership so that each company can contact you back, and to keep the record of transactions for your priviledges in the future transaction (if any), or you can keep selected items in your shopping cart, and add more items afterwards.

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If not a member, can one order the products?

Of course you can. You can call direct to the company to inquire about the type or series of the product you want. Or you can send your inquires by e-mail to customer@shoppingwebthailand.com. We will contact the company concerned for you.

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Can one order products from different companies in one shopping?

Yes, you can, given those companies are on our shopping website system. We provide you one stop service. You don’t have to contact individual company. We collect orders and coordinate with the companies concerned. Prepare pro-forma invoice for your information. Then we will get back to you for confirmation of orders. This is for your convenience.

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Is there delivery service to provinces or overseas?

Yes, there is. If it is in Thailand, we send by post. You can indicate your preferences; ordinary post delivery costs 23 baht per kilo, express 62 baht per kilo or 74 baht if need acknowledgement by recipient.

For foreign countries, we use all kinds of delivery services according to your needs, eg. DHL. FedEx, UPS, TNT, Cargo, or Thailand Post Delivery Service. Just let us know, we will do accordingly.

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How long does it take to get the products?

On the average, after your orders are taken care of by the company, the delivery time is as follows:

In Thailand:

Delivery modes Period Trackable
Ordinary post 3 - 7 days No
Express post 2 - 3 days Yes

For overseas:

Delivery modes Period Trackable
Air express
2 - 3 days Yes
Air express
Thailand Post (EMS)
3 - 5 days Yes
Economy by air 1 - 2 weeks Yes
Surface mail or land
(SAL / Sea / Land)
2 weeks – 45 days (Malaysia, Singapore)
2 weeks – 45 days (Vietnam)
1 – 2 months(other countries)
Cargo / Shipping According to agreement Yes

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How one can pay?

Payment can be briefly describe as :

1. Domestic payment

Bank to Bank can be done by either Credit Card, ATM or at bank counter.
* additional charged fee maybe include by bank if transfer from different province. E.G. Our account is bangkok , if transfer from Chiangmai ,fee can be up to 10-60 baht , depen on each bank policy

Credit card can be done through Payment Gateway Provider (Paypal and Paysbuy) (what’s Paypal, what’s paysbuy)

  • Select items you wish to buy in to shopping cart (How?).
  • Wait for payment request link in your subscribe email.
  • Follow the link and fill in information.
  • Receive confirmation email once payment has been proceed.
  • This method will take 5-7 business day to transfer in to shop‘s account.
* 3.9%+0.30 USD each transaction will be charge by PayPal (4% Paysbuy)

Pay at shop please contact shop for your most convenience.

2.International payment

Wire transfer (T/T) ,mostly known by its system SWIFT CODE, by go to your local bank and ask for international transfer. This method is lowest fee (around 300 -1000 baht) *please make sure that those fee is exclude from payment amount and take around 3-5 business days during transfer process before shop receive your payment. This method is lowest fee (around 300 -1000 baht).
* please make sure that those fee is exclude from payment amount and take around 3-5 business days during transfer process before shop receive your payment.

Credit card payment Can be done through Payment Gateway Provider such as Paypal (what’s Paypal) and Paysbuy (what’s paysbuy)

  • Select items you wish to buy in to shopping cart (How to buy?).
  • Wait for payment request link in your subscribe email.
  • Follow the link and fill in information.
  • Receive confirmation email once payment has been proceed.
  • This method will take 5-7 business day to transfer in to shop‘s account.
* 3.9%+0.30 USD each transaction will be charge by PayPal (4% Paysbuy)

Western Union / Money Grams please go to your local office for those provider. Once your payment have proceed, email shop a MTCN (Money transfer control number), amount and sender name (what is Western Union / Money Grams)
* Fee of transfer depend on each provider policy.

Pay at shop , if you plan to visit here this can be your option, please note that if you make earlier appointment, you will receive more convenience.
* This method is absolutely no fee but it already include in your travel expense.

Attention ! : All shipment will be start only after shop receive your money only.

Payment method Days before shipment Fee
Bank transfer
Sending after shop's owner check and confirm your transfer. No
Bank / Wire transfer
Sending after money transfer ready in account, normally 3-5 days. 300-1,000 Baht
Credit card payment (*) Sending 5-7 days after receive payment. According to payment gateway policy

(3.9% + 0.5 USD from total transfer)

(4% from total transfer)
Western Union / Money Grams Sending 1 hr after receive MTCN code Depend on policy of your local office of provider
Attention ! Fee will be calculate from total amount that you transfer due to online payment gateway policy, amount after substract fee will be money to pay to each shop for your goods

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How one can receive or pickup products?

You can pickup your orders at companies or receive at your home or office. In case of buying from many companies and for your convenience, we will collect all of your orders and send to you in one shipment.

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What is Paypal?

PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online. The service allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer, including through credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances, without sharing financial information.

PayPal has quickly become a global leader in online payment solutions with more than 153 million accounts worldwide. Available in 190 markets and 17 currencies around the world, PayPal enables global ecommerce by making payments possible across different locations, currencies, and languages.

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What is Paysbuy?

Same as paypal(what is paypal) but this is Thailand : Paysbuy is quality payment gateway provider of Thailand which offer a fast and secure credit card payment channel. Sign up easily at www.paysbuy.com

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What is Western Union / Money Grams?

They are international money transfer service provider which is fastest method for international payment . Receiver can take it as soon as receive your code. Secure because only a person who you specify and know your code number that can receive. For more information please contact your local provider or you can go to their website at www.westernunion.com or www.moneygram.com.

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Some companies show only retail price, how one can receive wholesale price?

You will certainly receive wholesale price if orders pass wholesale criteria for that company. After receive orders, we will check for available of your orders; products sold out fast due to wholesale garment business, and will adjust price for you again, because many companies have many criteria, so we guarantee that you will certainly receive wholesale price for every wholesale orders.

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Some companies show only wholesale price, how one can by for retail?

You can place orders and we will confirm you back with retail price. On proceeding shopping cart, you may see black price or wholesale price but don’t worry we check all your orders and will send order’s summary back for confirmation. Some companies has policy or some criteria which they can’t show their retail price on their website but we guarantee that you will receive your order’s summary and confirmation before place payment.

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Why one pass wholesale criteria but still not receive wholesale price?

Due to varieties of wholesale criteria between companies. We will check all your orders and will adjust price according to wholesale criteria of each company and will send order’s summary back to you to confirm before place payment.

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Domestic shipment process

1. By Thailand Post

Normal post Cheapest method but take 2-5 days to deliver to your home.

Express Post(EMS) Express mailing system, safest and trackable, send directly to your home.

Attention ! you can track your shipment at Thailand post's website

2. By domestic cargo different cargo can be different cost calculation but normally is weight measurement and mostly not send to your home.

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International shipment process

Shipment is always about weight depend on each service provider's price. We offer our customer all shipment methods as possible which can be briefly describe as following

Air freight

Worth value if send around 10-150 kgs. This is fastest method may be worth for customer who need a fast selling. Air-freight have 2 options as :

Door to Door service (Courier) This method is easiest. Customer can wait at their home or any specify place and receive goods by only sign a receive paper. This service we use provider such as Thailand Post Air, EMS, SAL, DHL, Fedex , UPS, TNT. All cost will include everything except import tax which depend on each country custom.

Here are Door to Door service providers which available for you to choose

Provider Time to deliver Cost Popularity Trackable Online checking
DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT 1-3 days Highest 50% of our customers Have
Thailand Post (EMS) 1-4 days Save 5% of our customers Have Check by click here
Thailand Post (Economy Air) 5-14 days Economy 20% of our customers Have Check by click here
Thailand Post (SAL) 1-3 weeks (up to 1 month for long distance area) Lowest 25% of our customers Not have Check by click here

Port to Port This method will be sent to your airport cargo. Customer have to pick up at air port and proceed all import procedure including all fee themself or mostly hired your local cargo agency to do it for you which cost depend on each country cargo fee. Sometimes we found out that it’s more expensive than Door to Door service but for high volume of weight maybe worth.

Sea freight

Imagine metal cubic container on a big ship in a sea. This method take longer period (2-8 weeks average, depend on distance) to receive and documents require which mostly cargo will handle it for customer. We do have well-selected cargo to service you but if customer have their own cargo, we are also willing to coordinate with your cargo as well. This method can be calculate once, we or cargo know exactly amount and quantity you will purchase and need customer to provide exactly destination address's details e.g. zip code, port name, shipment terms.


This service is Door to Door service available only neighborhood country of Thailand such as Malaysia, Indonesian, Singapore and Vietname. This method is very save up shipment cost 5 times of Air freight (but same period of delivery (1-3 days))

Calculation of shipment

Air-freight and truck will calculate by either weight or size, depend on which is higher which size calculation use this formular : width x height x length devide 6000.

For example : If send shoes with box even though total weight is only 25 kgs but size of packing box is 50 x 80 x 60 cm which equal 40 kgs (50x80x60/6000). Customer will be charge as 40 kgs weight.

Sea-freight will calculate by cubic meter (CBM) which come from this formular : width x height x length devide by 1,000,000.

For example : if send dress to europe with this method, need 5 boxes, size is = 50x60x50cm which = 0.75 (50x60x50 /1,000,000 x5). So customer will be charge as 1 CBM cost

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